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Business Email Address


More Than Just Email

The smart way for you to establish and promote your business brand, stay organized, and easily access your information from any device.


Add a layer of professionalism with business email that matches your brand

  • Domain Email Address
  • Domain Name
  • Domain Privacy


Efficiently manage business contacts, calendar, and files

  • Business Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Tasks & Notifications


Access anytime, anywhere through mobile, laptop, or desktop

  • Cloud File Storage
  • Mobile & Tablet Friendly
  • Spam & Virus Protection

How it Works

NadshWeb.ML founded to help startups, and it still shapes the way we work today.

  1. Branded Email


    Establish & promote your brand with every email sent using your branded email box

  2. Calendar, Contacts & Tasks

    Calendar, Contacts & Tasks

    Track your business appointments, tasks and work contacts from any device

  3. Cloud File Storage

    Secure Cloud Storage

    The perfect place to store and access your business files from any device


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

A domain name is what comes after the '@' symbol in your email address. Create a unique domain name that reflects your business name or brand instead of using Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail as the domain name.
Business ​credibility ​is ​the ​number ​one ​reason ​to ​have ​a ​professional ​email ​address. Customers ​are ​more ​likely to ​trust ​that ​you're ​a ​"real" ​business ​if ​your ​email ​address ​reflects your ​business ​name. ​Your ​professional ​email ​address ​will ​help ​build ​your ​brand, ​make ​it more ​memorable, ​and ​enhance ​your ​credibility.
Yes, ​you ​get ​a ​domain ​name ​to ​match ​your ​business ​name, ​with ​your ​new ​business address. ​Later, ​when ​you're ​ready ​to ​build ​a ​website, ​you ​can ​use ​this ​domain ​name ​that you ​get ​here ​as ​part ​of ​your ​email ​address.
Your ​Email ​Package ​comes ​with ​many ​tools ​to ​manage ​your ​business ​in ​the ​"cloud." Store ​important ​business ​files, ​contacts, ​and ​calendar ​events ​all ​in ​one ​convenient ​place. No ​longer ​risk ​missing ​an ​important ​business ​email ​or ​meeting ​getting ​buried ​in ​your personal ​email ​account!
Domain ​privacy ​is ​a ​feature ​that ​masks ​your ​contact ​information ​from ​the ​public ​domain name ​registry ​known ​as ​WHOIS. ​Many ​companies ​mine ​data ​from ​the ​public ​WHOIS system ​and ​attempt ​to ​contact ​you ​at ​your ​home, ​email, ​or ​phone ​number. ​Domain privacy ​is ​included ​in ​the ​cost ​of ​your ​Business ​Email ​package ​to ​help ​reduce ​the ​amount ​of Spam ​you ​may ​receive.
Yes! ​You ​can ​easily ​access ​your ​email ​from ​your ​mobile ​phone ​or ​tablet. ​Setting ​this ​feature up ​is ​simple.
Yes. ​You ​can ​import ​your ​current ​contacts ​from ​other ​existing ​email ​accounts.
Each ​email ​box ​comes ​with ​5GB ​of ​email ​storage ​and ​an ​additional ​2GB ​of ​file ​storage. ​As your ​needs ​grow, ​you ​can ​easily ​add ​more ​storage.
Yes. A user can have multiple email addresses by creating email aliases such as You can add up to 3 aliases for each email box. Aliases on your email box send all communications to your main email address. Aliases are different from a new, unique email box, such as a new email box for an employee. You can add new email boxes to your domain name so other employees may also have an email account using your business name. For example, you may want for John, your employee. For a small fee, you can add new mailboxes to your domain name.
Yes, we offer yearly plans. In fact, you can save 30% over paying monthly by purchasing a 1-year plan and save 50% over monthly by purchasing a 2-year plan.
Yes. ​Threats ​to ​your ​email ​security ​will ​always ​be ​present, ​but ​with ​our ​email ​products, ​you will ​dramatically ​reduce ​junk ​mail ​that ​clogs ​your ​inbox ​and ​reduce ​your ​vulnerability ​to troublesome ​viruses. ​Our ​email ​products ​feature ​superior ​spam ​and ​virus ​protection.
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